Phenocycline Syringe

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Phenocycline Syringe
Caught a bad bug? Phenocycline can cure Plague if administered early enough. Late use only suppresses symptoms temporarily. Use solely on your doctor's orders.
Max stack:
Inventory slots:
Material 1:
Empty Syringe.png Empty Syringe x 5
Material 2:
Antiseptic.png Antiseptic x 1
Material 3:
Filtered Water.png Filtered Water x 2

Phenocycline Syringe is a usable item. It cures players of the Plague if administered before the effects become permanent. If the effects have become permanent, the syringe will only temporarily slow down the symptoms; meaning the player will have to continuously administer the syringe until the escape has been made.


Phenocycline Syringe can be crafted by combining the following items:


Empty Syringe.png Empty Syringe x 5
Antiseptic.png Antiseptic x 1
Filtered Water.png Filtered Water x 2


The formula for Phenocycline Syringe is found on the chemical crafting station located in the Lud's Holm safehouse. Crafting the syringe item requires the use of a chemical crafting station. The formula will yield 5 syringe doses.


Phenocycline Syringe is used in crafting the following items: n/a

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