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Pre-Alpha Build 10
Update date:
9 December 2015
Update chronology
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Pre-Alpha Build 10 on compulsiongames.com


  • New filler system! The streets are now bordered by our new filler system. Don't worry, all your favourite shops remain, just in a different form; be on the lookout for new signs.
  • Massive art update for both the Village and the third biome.
  • Alleyways now implemented! Escape, prowl or just chill out at your leisure. They are a bit empty right now, but are functional.
  • Cars! What's up with their wheels, though?
  • New decorations in the Village!
  • We have improved the distribution of the main interactable houses - take a look on our new map.
  • Intersection tiles are a known issue. It's cosmetic only, and we will fix this in time.
  • Updated ground leaves.
  • World map size has been reduced; density of interactable buildings increased.
  • Fuses no longer blind you in An Odd End.


  • Joy revamp: Joy intake is much more controllable now. Any amount of Joy will activate the effect and it is easier to keep it active by taking more as you need. Longer periods of time on Joy will result in a stronger and longer withdrawal.
  • You can now sleep in NPC houses, but remember what happened to Goldilocks.
  • Combat updates: you can now break NPC's weapons if you're wielding a more powerful weapon than they are.
  • Combat updates: minor improvements to hand to hand combat (collisions/reactions).
  • Combat animation updates: NPCs now move based on the root motion of their own animations (rather than adjusting the animation to match their move speed). Several new animations added to provide for more interesting combat - NPCs can now strafe diagonally. Should lead to better looking NPC combat.
  • Needy NPCs: NPCs who want/need something will now spawn throughout the world. If you give them stuff, they might give you different stuff.
  • Mantling changes: there are now low mantle and high mantle animations.
  • New item: torch! The torch from An Odd End scenario is now craftable, and useable everywhere. Low quality settings can not use this yet, so An Odd End has been modified in Low quality settings to account for this. Still not as cool as a sonic screwdriver, but we're working on it.
  • New item: stealth shoes! They're like slippers, but more home made.
  • New item: brick! It's… a brick. Think of it as an upgraded rock.
  • You may now choose to enjoy scenic river views while on a bench, without having to peer over the newspaper.
  • Houses are now open, as opposed to locked by default.


  • Improved map! Lootable houses and other interesting tidbits now spawn inside the map, and there is a legend to help you.
  • The new notification system is in. This is only used occasionally right now - you will see a lot more of it in the next update.


  • Lots of new NPC barks.
  • Arthur shouldn't be self-reflective quite so often now, and occasionally says other things too.

Under the Hood

  • Fixed crash on looting certain NPCs.
  • Significant improvements to memory usage. If you were memory limited on a 4GB machine before and moved to Low settings to compensate (even though your graphics card can do more), feel free to try a higher quality setting. Also lowers generation time.