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Pre-Alpha Build 11
Update date:
29 January 2016
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Pre-Alpha Build 11 on compulsiongames.com

Core game changes

  • New difficulty settings:
  • "We've Come to the End of Our Time": The core experience. You only have one life. Good luck!
  • "Wakey Wakey": You'll wake up in a shelter after you die, minus some of your belongings.


  • Added tutorial elements: Some tips and quests have been added to help guide new players as to what to do.
  • New foliage: The quality of our flowers and foliage should be substantially better, without affecting performance. Some flowers added to garden district houses.
  • Denser world: We've done some work to reduce the island size, and increase the density of interactable buildings on each island.
  • Wastrel female variants: Like the Wellies, female Wastrels now have their appearance randomized to an extent.


  • The player menu no longer pauses the game and is no longer fullscreen, instead showing some of the game world in the background.
  • Usable items are no longer restricted to use out of combat, however most have animations that can be interrupted in combat.
  • Equipment can now be changed in combat but equipping has a slight delay that also can be interrupted in combat.
  • Journal screen enabled: The journal allows you to keep track of storylines, encounters and objectives in the game, both big and small.
  • Alt-tabbing now pauses the game. (This behaviour can be changed using the "Pause In Background" setting in the graphics options.)


  • Loot distribution: The loot tables have been rearranged in an attempt to make them a bit more predictable.
  • Crafting recipe adjustments: Crafting has also been updated and with new components and recipes.
  • Many recipes now start locked: Unlocking recipes ususally involves finding its ingredients or interacting with particular encounters in the game world.


  • We have reduced the world size, to help improve performance.
  • We have implemented the Wwise audio engine which gives us a huge range of tools to improve the audio experience.
  • Integrated Unreal Engine 4.10 for better engine features and stability. Unfortunately, this also requires a significant rebuild and thus redownload of many game assets.

Known issues

  • Islands will occasionally spawn without connecting bridges. This is a side effect of creating better controls for which bridges spawn where, and will take some time to fix - likely our next update. In the meantime, we suggest using the ghost console command to get to isolated islands.
  • Filler buildings occasionally have a nasty habit of appearing in the middle of the road. We are also looking into this.
  • Rare crash when returning to the main menu from the game. Saving still occurs normally when using "Save and Exit", so no progression should be lost in this fashion.