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Pre-Alpha Build 12
Update date:
4 March 2016
Update chronology
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Pre-Alpha Build 12 on compulsiongames.com

Known issue

  • The intermittent issue where bridges fail to spawn is not yet fixed. The fix is part of a larger modification that needs significant testing before being released.


  • Improved animation when picking up items.
  • All foliage and trees were redone with added LODs, allowing more detail at a lesser performance cost.
  • New models for lots of pickups.
  • Corrected the hold position for many pickups when equipped or picked up.
  • Increased frequency of water pumps.
  • Shadows graphics setting split into Shadows and Lights:
  • Shadows setting now only affect shadows instead of both shadows and lights.
  • High/Ultra Shadows setting make use of Distance Field Shadow Casting to enable shadows at a longer distance for little cost.
  • Low Lights disables shadows and most lighting effects. Very ugly, use only if desperate.
  • High Lights enables more advanced ambient occlusion algorithms (DFAO).
  • Ultra Lights does not do anything at this time.
  • Geometry changes in Garden District houses to help navigate better.


  • Food Poisoning: The proper version of food poisoning has been implemented. Mild cases of food poisoning aren't very dangerous and might even be worth eating rotten food in a pinch. But don't let it worsen, because serious cases will kill you.
  • Infection: This can occur when using dirty bandages or letting bleeding go on unchecked. Reduces maximum health significantly and requires either time or an antiseptic bandage to cure.
  • Crafting recipes can now be found in the world for most pickups added in this update.
  • Recipes essential to game progression can be unlocked by finding all their ingredients.
  • New melee weapons: Pointy Stick, Scourge, Double Scourge, Double Rolling Pin, Spiked Cricket, Enhanced Cleaver, Shock Baton, Electro Hammer Pipe.
  • New ranged weapons: Dart, Tranquilizer Dart, Berserk Dart.
  • New grenades: Blue Molotov, Tear Gas Grenade, Berserk Bomb, Vomit Bomb, Dr. Feelgood Bomb, Smoke Bomb, Shock Grenade.
  • New gadgets: Rick the Stunt Duck, Dick the Naughty Duck.
  • New chemicals: Phlash, Feramyle, Sanitol, Dexipam.
  • Night Blooming Nonesuch (formerly known as Rare Flower) only harvestable at night.
  • Existing recipes have had their ingredients adjusted.
  • Slightly increased interaction distance.


  • New player menu transitions.
  • New icons for suits and other pickups.
  • Shortened difficulty names to "Wakey Wakey" and "Good Night". (Which is just as confusing.)
  • Support for resizable HUD bars (i.e.: from health upgrades).
  • Fix player menu becoming unusable when dragging an item that is being used.
  • Hide flavour image box for crafting recipes that don't have one implemented.


  • New set of female wastrel barks, courtesy of OtherButtons.


  • Improved robustness of Give/GiveN console commands (for you cheaters out there).
  • New setting to pause the game when losing focus (i.e.: from alt-tab).
  • Significant performance optimization during environmental transitions (from time of day or Joy effects).
  • Fix saved games reverting to "Good Night" difficulty when loaded.