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Pre-Alpha Build 8
Update date:
3 September 2015
Build number:
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Update 6.3 Pre-Alpha Build 9
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Pre-Alpha Build 8 on compulsiongames.com


  • The world has been reverted to its 5 island scheme.
  • The Joy Detector has been updated with new sounds to help indicate its current state.
  • Added new animations and behaviours for Wellies, including:
    • Wellies now actually watch mounted TVs during Uncle Jack broadcasts.
    • Wellies now ride the toy car and Vespa in the park. (And you can too!)
    • Wellies play patty cake. Finally!
  • Encounters should now spawn in the right biomes.
    • (No more Wastrel dinner parties going unheeded in the Village!)


  • AIs have remembered how to open doors.
  • Added personal safes ("stash") to shelters:
    • The stash is a new special container whose contents are shared across all shelters.
    • Crafting materials in the stash will be taken into account and spent while crafting items.
  • Water storage: Canteens and bottles have been reworked to be more logical, as have recipes previously involving these items
  • Two new random encounters:
  1. Bobby Investigation: Bobbies inspecting a sordid crime scene.
  2. Welly Barbecue: Wellies frolicking in the sun!
  • The Multi-Tool and Advanced Electro-Lock Shocker have been upgraded to be reusable on any door/safe/locker.
  • Sleeping now affects stats, depleting hunger and thirst as well as restoring a small amount of health.
  • Joy pill dosages have been changed
  • Fall damage is now based on distance travelled instead of velocity.
  • Changed AI perception range and hostility persistence.
  • AI dodge chance now depends on distance from the attacker as well as the type of weapon wielded.
  • Raw meat and salt have been removed from the game.


  • Added lots of new lines and responses for the playable character.
  • Added additional Wellie and Wastrel greetings.
  • Added various new gameplay sounds and several ambient sounds.
  • Added ocean ambient sounds audible based on the distance of the player to the edge of the map.
  • Hotfix CL11915: Reduced frequency of ambient player character speech.


  • In-combat inventory restrictions implemented:
    • Prevent using unequipped items while in combat.
    • Prevent changing equipment while in combat.
    • Prevent crafting items while in combat.
  • Added setting to change controller or mouse sensitivity.
  • Save games from older versions are now detected and present a warning when loaded that they might not work properly.
  • Changed the container loot grid to be displayed on the right hand side, taking over the equipment slots.
  • Crafting will no longer attempt to use currently equipped items.
  • Added keybinds for sprint toggle and walk toggle.
  • Added keybinds for quick loot actions "Loot All" and "Dismiss Loot".
  • Allow controller to split stacks when dragging items (hold RT/LT to split one or half before dropping item).
  • Properly detect controllers beyond the first (indicated by quadrants 2-4 on Xbox 360 controllers).


  • Fixed multiple crashes.
  • Fixed the crash reporter for Windows 10.
  • Minor revision of world generation algorithm - should see a slight improvement in performance in-game.
  • The game now pauses while the world is generating. Hurray! Everyone starts at the same time.
  • Hotfix CL11915: Fixed crash that would occur on reopening inventory after closing with the stash grid focused.
  • Hotfix CL11915: Fixed crash that would occur randomly when game actors became inactive.
  • Hotfix CL11915: Removed an assert that prevented the game from running on single core systems (a multiple core remains strongly recommended)
  • Hotfix CL11915: Tentative improvement of core detection on AMD CPUs.
  • Hotfix CL11915: Fixed crash that would occur when the game engine exits before loading the main menu.