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Pre-Alpha Build 9
Update date:
21 October 2015
Update chronology
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Pre-Alpha Build 9 on compulsiongames.com


  • Implemented new day, twilight and night lighting conditions.
  • Exterior lights and the rainbow road either turn off or dim according to the time of day.
  • Added vistas and mountains in the distance.
  • Polished and adjusted the lighting for shelters and residential buildings.
  • Fixed textures around intersections.
  • Fixed issues with some shelters and the Odds & Ends scenario being too dark in low graphics quality settings.
  • Fixed decals such as posters and leaves popping on top of foliage.
  • Fixed certain trees not having collision.
  • Fixed incorrectly oriented light on some TV sets.


  • Implemented a curfew at twilight, announced by Uncle Jack.
  • Wellies stop wandering outside when night time comes.
  • Bobbies patrol the streets at night and turn hostile on sight.
  • Added a headlamp and accompanying visual effect to bobbies at night.
  • Fatigue and Sleeping introduced. If you do not sleep, your maximum stamina drains over time.
  • Improved the behaviour and detection of player mantling.
  • Changed the suspicion behaviour of NPCs:
    • Removed the suspicion icons on top of AIs.
    • NPCs communicate their states more clearly through animation and sound.
    • NPCs will take longer to turn from suspicious to hostile.
  • Added the ability for some NPCs to block certain attacks.
  • Wellies can now engage in fisticuffs.
  • Improved player unarmed combat collision detection to better match its visual range.
  • Injured NPCs now cower away from the player before attempting to run away.
  • Reduced the amount of NPCs that can engage the player in melee combat at once.
  • Greeting a NPC will apply its full effect at the end of the line but suspicion will not increase while it plays.
  • Greeting someone makes them turn towards you.
  • Regular NPCs no longer run into houses when alarms launch; only bobbies do.
  • NPCs can now climb through open windows.
  • Bobbies can no longer be stunned by rocks or bottles.
  • NPCs now have proper English names.


  • Reduced frequency of ambient player character lines.
  • Reduced the frequency of grunts during combat. Arthur no longer talks while he fights.
  • Bobbies now whistle while patrolling.
  • Fixed area based greetings (no more Wastrel greetings to Bobbies).
  • Balanced audio levels to better hear certain barks.
  • Improved audio attenuation and occlusion to help differentiate when AIs are behind walls or on different floors.
  • There are occasional emergency public address systems in the wastes; removed them from the village (in lieu of Televisions).


  • Suspicion HUD indicator changed to only show suspicion of neighbouring NPCs.
  • The overhead AI icon displays their current health instead of suspicion.
  • Right clicking to equip items will attempt to swap with first slot if all slots are full.
  • Inventory now allows swapping items of different sizes.
  • Added some tips while the game is loading.
  • Fixed main menu items not getting properly focused when using the gamepad.
  • Fixed crash when switching between keyboard+mouse and controller after having closed the stash.
  • [HOTFIX] Fixed previously looted containers not registering changes after loading save game.
  • [HOTFIX] Fixed inventory and stash losing their ordering and layout after loading save game.
  • [HOTFIX] Fixed crashes when inventory items were removed from the layout by the previous issue after loading save game.
  • [HOTFIX] Fixed crash when performing certain swaps across different inventory sections.


  • Fixed a random crash that would occur as NPCs were activated or deactivated.