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Status effects are passive and active effects that impact the player.

Passive effects

  • By Clothing:
    • Proper Suit: Increased suspicion from Wastrels.
    • Torn Suit: Increased suspicion from everyone but Wastrels.
    • Padded Suit: 20% protection from Melee attacks and immunity to Bees
    • Blending Suit: Makes you 50% harder to see. Increased suspicion while crouching.
  • By Books:
    • Long Distance Runner: Increases maximum stamina by 5%
    • 10% chance of NPC fleeing and dropping their loot
    • -5% Stamina used by melee attacks
    • The Lurker: Reduces visibility by 2%
    • Where Do You Get Your Ideas: 1% chance of unlocking new crafting recipes when crafting items.
    • Iron Lung: Reduces damage from toxic fog by 2%
    • Bang On: Increases damage by explosive weapons by 2%
    • Survivor: Healing items give 10% more health and activate 20% faster
    • Stiff Upper Lip: Reduces all damage taken by 2%
    • Chemist: Crafting no longer requires Rank 1 chemical stations.
    • Breaker: Melee attacks have a 2% chance of breaking the target's weapon
    • Undertaker: Increases corpse carrying and movement speeds by 10%

Active effects

  • Sleep Effects: If the player's sleep meter reaches to a certain point, the stamina meter will be reduced based on the different stages.
    • Tired: (50% of Sleep Left) Maximum Stamina is reduced by 20%
    • Exhausted: (20~25% of Sleep Left) Maximum stamina is reduced by 50%.
  • Food Poisoning: Can be randomly caused by eating rotten food. There are three stages based on if more rotten food is consumed while inflicted, but the first two stages can be easily removed by sleeping or using a Neximide Pill.
    • Queasy: The player's vision is blurred in random intervals, as well as walk speed being dropped significantly. The effects would last at the most 2 minutes if no other rotten food is eaten
    • Ill: A more serious case as that not only the effects of Queasy is applied, but the protagonist may vomit until a certain time period passes, where it would go back to Queasy again.
    • Violently Ill: A severe and fatal version of Ill. Not only do random cases of vomiting happen, but the effects continue to happen until a Neximide Pill is used or the player's hunger level hits zero.
  • Hungry: Slows down your stamina regeneration by 10%.
  • Infection: This can occur when using dirty bandages, or letting bleeding go on unchecked. Reduces maximum health by 50% and requires either time, or an antiseptic bandage, to cure.
  • Injured: Minor damage taken.
  • Thirsty: Slows down your stamina regeneration by 10%.
  • Plague: Inflicted by being hit by a plagued person or interacting with plague ridden stuff, causes hunger, thirst and exhaustion raise faster until you die, can be cured by use of a Phenocycline Syringe if it is used fast enough, otherwise it will only stop the plague temporarily.