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<includeonly>{{#if: {{{file|}}} | [[File:{{{file|{{{1|}}}}}}.png|20px|link={{{1}}}]] | ''Image?'' }} [[{{{1}}}]] x {{#if: {{{quantity|}}}| {{{quantity}}} }}</includeonly><noinclude>{{doc}}
<includeonly>[[File:{{{file|{{{1|}}}}}}.png|20px|link={{{1}}}]] [[{{{1}}}]] {{#if: {{{quantity|}}}| x {{{quantity}}} }}</includeonly><noinclude>{{doc}}

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Template-info.png Documentation

To add a tiny icon with a link. You can start to work on the new page the link will generate. Just click on it! Example: You upload file:wood.png -> and then can add {{Item|Wood}} to a page where you need it as a tiny icon with a link.


{{Item|Some Drink|file=Alcohol|quantity=5}}
{{Item|Alcohol}} - no quantity added

Alcohol.png Alcohol x 5
Alcohol.png Some Drink x 5
Alcohol.png Alcohol - no quantity added