The Faraday Cage


This quest is given after The House of the Inventor Quest. Arthur enters the house, only to notice many traps, spankers, gas rooms and poor Roger Bacon crying. Upon reaching Faraday, she says she wants to create a Teleporter. She asks you to go and collect a bucket of Motilene using the tool she gives the Motilene Harvester. Arthur then journeys around to find a spill of the pink stuff to suck it up and bring it back. After returning to Faraday she needs but one last item, 5 Advanced Mechanical Parts. Arthur is given a Scavenger Extractor and is now tasked with using the destroyed cars around town to get 5 Advanced Mechanical Parts for Faraday. Once completed and returning the parts, Faraday says her machine is done, done, just a few final touches and come back tomorrow! Arthur is now expected to return tomorrow. Once you leave, a burst of energy leaves the house and being the good Englishman you are, you must go check on her. Upon returning, she has left without you. Searching her lab you find a code to a gate, ut what gate?


  • Locate Faraday's Lab
  • Talk to Faraday's
  • Fill up the bucket of Motilene
  • Transfer the Motilene to Dr.Faraday's
  • Extract five Advanced Mechanical Parts
  • Bring the mechanical parts to Dr.Faraday
  • Come Back Tomorrow
  • Never mind tomorrow, check on Faraday
  • Search Faraday's Lab

Journal Enteries

  1. James said I can use Dr.Faraday's lab. I should see where it is. Somewhere upstairs I should Imagine.
  2. Where's Doctor Faraday? He can't be that woman, can he? What's she doing locked up in there? I suppose I should ask her.
  3. Someone really does not want anyone talking to him. I wonder how much of that is true?
  4. Dr.Faraday would like a bucket of Motilene to power...something. Is she mad, or brilliant? I wish I'd paid more attention in chemistry class.
  5. I hope no one lights a match near me. This stuff is nasty. Won't Dr.Faraday be pleased.
  6. Dr.Faraday wants me to use this Extractor to extract advanced mechanical parts from five cars. I suppose the cars can't run any worse, considering they've already got square wheels.
  7. Well, that;s all the parts Dr.Faraday asked for.
  8. If she can make anything out of that junk I ripped out of those cars, she really is a genius
  9. She just has to put a few finishing touches on her device, and then off we go to the mainland. Somehow that doesn't sit quite right with me
  10. What the hell was that? I see why they locked her up! This sort of thing really brings down property values. I hope she hasn't killed herself.
  11. She's scarpered~ I knew it~ Damn it.
  12. I wonder if she really had a way off the island, or if she just fell in her wormhole, if such a thing even exists. I should look around and see if she left any hints about how to get out of Wellington Wells.
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