Update 5

Update 5
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27 May 2015
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This list is not the full changelist, just the main changes.


  • You no longer start with a weapon, or with supporting food and water. It's the big leagues, now.
  • F is no longer both use quickslot and secondary action. This was causing everyone to lose their minds eating health kits when trying to pick something up. Sanity restored!
  • F for raise/use quickslot. Some quickslot items now can be aimed and thrown.
  • V for secondary interaction.
  • If you want to wave to a Wellie, you can now, in certain situations.
  • You can now look really-not-suspicious-at-all when sitting on a bench.
  • Don't pretend to be Jesus, walking on water, for you will be heavily smited for pretending to be a false idol.
  • Vastly improved controller support, although we'll keep tweaking this as time goes on.
  • New NPC: wastrels. Wastrels are Wellies who have reacted badly to Joy. They're terribly schizophrenic, and right now are mostly concerned about protecting themselves than seeking out Downers. Their behaviour is just temporary - we're going to refine these guys a lot - and the males don't have the correct model yet. - - They live in the Garden District, and don't like Wellies. Wastrels are crazy. Like Hooch level crazy.
  • Loot reworked - lots of new loot, new craftable items, many items removed. Lots of new places to get loot. Loot now spawns on NPCs properly. Wellies should drop their weapons properly. Loot stacks, and has normal looking sizes now.
  • Josh is responsible for bringing this all together, and deserves a special shoutout for all of the awesome that you're seeing.


  • Tons of new combat animations, vfx, sound effects, and AI responses.
  • New Wellie attack system - be careful getting too close, for they will smite you.
  • Shove is now on a separate button - R or mouse 3 for keyboards.
  • Parry/block have been tuned.
  • Unarmed combat is a bit more fun now.
  • Combos exist, both armed and unarmed. As a subtle hint, panicking helps no one.
  • Durability added to weapons. No more endless killing sprees, unless you're a prepared psychopath, of course.
  • You can now get closer to nature, with your very own branch. There are many like it, but this one is yours.

World Generation

  • Rivers, foliage, two new biomes, bridge placement. I mean, holy hell. Matt has been on fire for weeks, and it's awesome to share it.
  • No more terrifyingly steep in-game terrain, or randomly missing parts of the world. All looking good.
  • Slightly nicer terrain textures.
  • New water.
  • Some genuinely nice vistas now! All a bit randomly generated, of course.
  • Train station touched up. Yes, it's a train station, not a cathedral. You'll see.
  • Trees spawn everywhere still. Will fix when we can, until then, enjoy your arboreal interiors.
  • Still some bugs with filler building placement - we appreciate these are an eyesore, but will be fixed when we review the filler system.
  • Still have random road intersection art, as our artists were too busy on the Garden District.
  • New Garden District Shelter and buildings.
  • Craploads of new Bridge challenges.
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