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Weapons are equippable items used for the purpose of defending oneself from enemies such as Wellies and Bobbies. They enhance a player's damage with the side-effect of draining stamina faster than unarmed combat. Each weapon has a damage amount it causes and an amount of stamina it depletes. The type of weapon used has an effect on the AI dodge chance, in addition to the distance from the attacker. An attacker's weapon can be broken if the player is wielding a more powerful one.

Melee weapons

Ranged weapons

  • Berserk Dart (Craftable only)
  • Brick (Found Only)
  • Crash Dart (Craftable only)
  • Dart (Found Only)
  • Spiky Brick (Craftable only)
  • Enhanced Rock (Found & Craftable)
  • Glass Bottle (Found Only)
  • Rock (Found Only)
  • Tranquilizer Dart (Craftable only)

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